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A Focus on Environmental Sustainability


At The LYCRA Company, we operate our sites to exacting global standards of performance. These include ensuring product quality, safeguarding the health and safety of our people, and improving our environmental performance.

Dedicated teams are driving environmental action across our business. We have established global teams around energy and emissions, water, and waste reduction, each working to execute our sustainability goals in their respective areas.

  • 14%
    reduction in Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions
  • >5%
    reduction in megawatt hours globally
  • 9%
    reduction in waste
  • >2%
    reduction in water usage

Reducing Resource Consumption and Waste

  • Energy and emissions Decarbonizing our manufacturing footprint is a high priority since our emissions are part of our customers’ Scope 3 footprint. This year we reduced our combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 14%. We are working with our supply chain to achieve reductions for all parties.
  • Water and wastewater LYCRA® fiber manufacturing is not water intensive by design, but we reduced water consumption this year by 2.3%.
  • Waste At our labs, manufacturing sites, and offices, reducing waste is a critical objective. In 2022 our manufacturing sites reduced their overall waste by 8.9%. As we expand our fiber recycling capability, we look to see additional improvements in the future.

Read our 2022 Planet Agenda Update to learn more about our progress against our 2030 goals.

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From fibers made with recycled and renewable materials to quality fibers that create durable garments, we are an industry leader in developing sustainable fashion solutions.

Benchmarking Our Environmental Impact

In 2022, all six of our LYCRA® fiber plants completed the Higg Facilities Environmental Module (FEM) self-assessment, and three plants became third-party verified. This robust impact assessment establishes an environmental baseline so each site can work towards continuous improvement in key areas: environmental management systems, energy use, emissions, water usage, wastewater, and waste and chemical management.

Two sites were also verified on the Higg Facilities Social and Labor Module (FSLM). In all cases, our sites scored in the top quartile. To request copies of our Higg FEM and Higg FSLM verified reports, please email [email protected].