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Farm to Fiber:
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The LYCRA Company and Qore® Collaborate on Next-Gen Bio-Derived Materials

About QIRA®

QIRA® is made by Qore®, a joint venture between Cargill, a leader in agricultural and fermentation technologies, and HELM, a leading marketer and distributor of chemicals. QIRA® is their brand of a chemical known as BDO. Unlike standard BDO, which is fossil-fuel based, QIRA® is derived from field or dent corn, an annually renewable resource which is not for direct human consumption. The bio-derived QIRA® will be converted into PTMEG, the key ingredient used in LYCRA® fiber.

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Learn how we are accelerating the transition from fossil-based ingredients in the apparel and textile industry to renewable resources with bio-derived LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA®.

This report details the benefits of this sustainable and scalable solution, explains regenerative agriculture and how corn is transformed into spandex (elastane) fibers.

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*Estimate from Cradle-to-Gate Screening LCA for a representative LYCRA® fiber manufacturing facility, June 2022, prepared by Ramboll US Consulting, Inc.
QIRA® is a trademark of Qore®.

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