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Promote Quality: Apply for Fabric Testing & Approval


With over 200 unique spandex (elastane) fibers that improve clothing performance and aesthetics, the LYCRA® brand has become the most recognized brand of spandex fiber in the world today.

Protect your investment in genuine LYCRA® fibers by submitting your fabrics for testing and approval. This step makes finished garments eligible for free LYCRA® brand hang tags to increase retail sales by providing a sign of quality for consumers.

Leverage Our Global Reach

  • 23,000+
    certified fabrics available
  • 3,000+
  • 50+

71% of customers are willing to pay more for garments made with LYCRA® fiber

From activewear with targeted shaping, to jeans with stretch fabric, and chlorine-resistant swimwear fabric, consumers are willing to pay more for garments made with LYCRA® fiber.

Fabric testing and approval is the best way to show that your fabrics have been rigorously tested in our labs and approved to promote that it contains genuine LYCRA® fibers.

Follow our step-by-step fabric testing and approval process below to easily differentiate your products.


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Step-by-Step: Fabric Testing and Approval Process


Log on to LYCRA ONE™ Marketplace

Please register to test and approve fabric samples, access our how-to guide, and start your order. Returning users can log-in below.

Complete Your Request

Select a current product or add a new product and enter fabric and technical details. All requests must be completed in one session, (approximately 15 minutes), so please have all your fabric information readily available. Once complete, you will receive an email order confirmation.

Submit Fabric Samples

Print your confirmation and mail it with your fabric samples to one of our four regional labs for free testing. Scientists will confirm if the textile includes LYCRA® fiber. Please note we cannot return samples that you submit to us.

Fabric Approval

It's easy to keep track of your requests from your private Dashboard. Testing normally takes 1-2 weeks. Once our labs have confirmed that the samples sent for testing include LYCRA® fiber, a fast track code will be issued to request hang tags.

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When you join the  LYCRA ONE Marketplace, you not only gain access to a global network of certified LYCRA® brand fabric solutions and suppliers, you also have exclusive tools and services at your fingertips.

Your on-demand dashboard allows you to save and share project needs in one place. This includes all fabric searches, sample requests, garment letters, custom hang tag orders, TMLAs, and more.

And with a free business account, you can share private dashboards with your project teams for easy reference.