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Certification Made Easy: Garment Letter Requests


Showcase the value of your collections and make your customs process more efficient by certifying that your fabrics and garments contain genuine LYCRA® fibers.

Our garment letter registration process provides certification that verifies The LYCRA Company’s third-party labs have tested the requested samples and they passed the brand standard specifications listed in detail on the documentation.

LYCRA® Brand Worldwide Recognition

  • 71%
    of consumers are willing to pay more for clothing with LYCRA® fiber
  • 89%
    of consumers are aware of the LYCRA® brand when prompted
  • 77%
    of consumers look at hang tags on garments when shopping for clothing

Validation: Safeguard Your Garment and Boost Sales

Garment letters are apparel registration certificates that apply exclusively to the sample(s) submitted for testing. Letters verify the specification of your garment and fabric for proof that your products contain genuine LYCRA® fibers purchased from certified suppliers from our trusted global network of mills, instead of generic spandex (elastane).

Garment letters should be requested by fabric or garment suppliers for bulk shipments separate from fabric sample requests to ensure all the products in the bulk shipments use the same manufacturing processes.

Only garments made with genuine LYCRA® fibers are eligible for orders and use of our LYCRA® brand hang tags and point-of-sale (POS) assets to boost sales.

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Step-by-Step: Garment Letter Certification


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Find Your Fast Track Code

A Fast Track Code is now required for garment letter certification to verify the fabric is pre-tested to meet performance standards.

Gather Your Requirements

From purchase quantity and fabric consumption to dispersion purchase volume, please have all of your requirements readily available to you before you begin. See our how-to guide on the Marketplace for the full list of requirements.

Submit Your Request

Lastly, don't forget to submit your order once you have completed the online form.

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When you join the LYCRA ONE Marketplace, you not only gain access to a global network of certified LYCRA® brand fabric solutions and suppliers, but you also have exclusive tools and services at your fingertips.

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