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Raise Your Product's Value: Apply for a Trademark License Agreement


For over 60 Years, consumers have grown to trust our high standards and view the LYCRA® brand as a symbol of innovation and garment quality. Enhance your collections and increase sales by licensing our LYCRA®, COOLMAX® , and THERMOLITE® brand names and logos on customized hang tags, fabric swatches, labels, and packaging.

LYCRA® Brand Worldwide Recognition

  • 2,300+
    global LYCRA® brand trademark filings
  • 89%
    of consumers worldwide are aware of the LYCRA® brand
  • 950+
    patents & applications

Boost Your Brand: License Our Trademarks and Logos

Trademark license agreements are issued to customers who exclusively source qualified fabrics containing genuine branded fiber from The LYCRA Company.

Fabrics must be tested and approved to verify that they contain LYCRA® fibers, COOLMAX® fibers, and THERMOLITE® fibers before requesting a trademark license agreement.

The LYCRA®, COOLMAX®, and THERMOLITE® brands are registered trademarks around the world and must be licensed directly from The LYCRA Company. Our trademark licenses are royalty-free!





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Step-by-Step: Request a Trademark Agreement Process


Log on to LYCRA ONE™ Marketplace

You need to log in or create an account on the LYCRA ONE ™ Marketplace to learn if your business qualifies for a trademark license agreement. You can access information and read our how-to guide to learn more. Returning users can log-in below.

Choose the brands for your trademarks

Select all brands that you would like covered in your trademark license agreement. Then, enter your product end-uses for the select brands, including sub-brands and logos.

Enter your company information

Confirm or enter your company information, including the year and month you would like to start licensing our brands and whether you are a first-time licensee or if you are renewing a trademark license with us.

Complete Your Request

Please note all requests must be completed in one session, (approximately 15 minutes), so have all your information on hand. Once complete, you will receive an email confirming your request has been received by us. You will receive notification via email when your license request has been approved by us.

Marketplace Exclusive: Save Your Trademark License Agreements (“TMLA”) on Your Private Dashboard

When you join the LYCRA ONE Marketplace, you not only gain access to a global network of certified LYCRA® brand fabric solutions and suppliers, but you also have exclusive tools and services at your fingertips.

Your on-demand dashboard allows you to save and share project needs in one place. This includes all fabric searches, sample requests, garment letters, custom hang tag orders, TMLAs, and more.

And with a free business account, you can share private dashboards with your project teams for easy reference.