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Honeylove Adopts LYCRA® Brand Fibers

Pubblicato su Jun 02, 2024
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Honeylove, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in innovative intimate apparel and activewear designed to enhance confidence and comfort for women of all shapes and sizes, has integrated LYCRA® brand technologies into some of its shapewear and underwear product offerings. 

Betsie Larkin, who had difficulty finding shapewear that did not slip and gave enough support when she performed on stage in front of big EDM crowds, founded Honeylove. Seeking perfection on stage led her to shapewear, yet she found existing options needed more quality and comfort. Motivated by this, Betsie embarked on a mission to create superior shapewear that remained in place and was both high-quality and comfortable. Years of meticulous refinement and rigorous testing ensured each garment met its exacting standards. As a result, Honeylove celebrates all body types, offering confidence-boosting apparel that feels like a natural extension of oneself. 

Unlike conventional shapewear, their products provide lift sans the discomfort of traditional undergarments, catering to a wide range of cup sizes. While many shapewear brands disappoint, theirs is meticulously engineered for comfort and efficacy, boasting features like flexible boning and targeted compression. While shapewear remains optional, comfort and confidence should be essential for those who wear it. 

Honeylove has expanded its product range beyond shapewear, focusing on producing high-quality, durable, and comfortable garments.

Honeylove CrossOver Brief in Runway
Honeylove CrossOver Briefs with mesh side panels flatter and add comfortable smoothing
Honeylove CrossOver Brief in Runway
Invisible design under clothing

Honeylove Chooses LYCRA® Adaptiv Fiber for Their Best-Selling CrossOver Briefs

Honeylove is known for selecting innovative and high-quality materials for underwear and shapewear. Unsurprisingly, Honeylove chose LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber for their best-selling CrossOver Briefs to give customers an unparalleled new-wearing experience. This unique fiber has a chemistry designed to adapt its properties to deliver the benefits the wearer needs at any moment. Whether at rest or in motion, the fiber provides the proper recovery force to maintain its fit, shaping, and compression, while also delivering comfort and a second-skin effect that’s easy to put on and take off.

Consumers will appreciate the stylish shaping, targeted compression, and invisible design under clothing, which provides everyday ease of wear and a flattering fit for all body shapes and sizes.

The CrossOver Brief is available online from Honeylove in Classic: Runway, Sand, Astral, Petal, Fig, Navy or Ruby or Lace: Runway, Astral and sizes XS to 3X.

Read how Honeylove describes the CrossOver Brief. They show how their underwear products are enhanced by incorporating LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber. 

Why The Crossover Brief Is a Best Seller


“This mid-waist brief is a stylish shaping panty perfect for everyday comfort and ease of wear. Premium LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber provides stretchy support, and a bonded tummy panel offers targeted compression right where you want it."


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