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DNM  Denim was established in 2011 in Damietta, Egypt, using 100% Turkish capital.

With a team of experienced and professional staff, its environmentally friendly production approach and a young and dynamic organizational structure, DNM has quickly become recognized as one of the world’s leading denim producers.

DNM has developed a unique reputation for its high-quality denim collections, offering a wide variety of colours, constructions and special textures in its fabrics.

Producing a range of timeless and next-generation fabrics with vintage touches, DNM today is working with many of the world’s largest denim brands and retailers throughout the industry. 

DNM aims to become the preferred mill in denim through its sustainable and innovative production approach, while offering premium quality and original fabrics for pioneering fashion brands.

DNM Denim Mill is a truly modern facility, designed and engineered with the latest equipment and processes to minimize its environmental impact. Sustainability is therefore at the heart of everything we do.

The environmentalist approach of DNM has been realized in combining the following factors;

*ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Water Treatment Plant,
*Minimum electricity consumption,
*Use of natural gas
*Obtaining energy by incinerating solid waste


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