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Webinar: LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber

Publicado em Oct 04, 2021
Performance stretch denim jeans made with LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber reduce seam slippage and unsightly puckering.
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Watch our experts discuss the LYCRA brand's latest denim innovation

Watch: Webinar shows how LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber solves the problem of denim seam slippage


A recent innovation from The LYCRA Company combats one of biggest headaches plaguing stretch denim makers, brands and retailers: seam slippage.


LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber is designed for applications in single-core spandex fabrics with blended yarns that require durable stretch and recovery power, but are especially prone to seam slippage. The patent-pending fiber helps maintain garment appearance, wash after wash and wear after wear, by preventing the unsightly puckering or rippling effect seam slippage can cause in the front, side or rear of jeans.


Jeans are one of the most commonly returned items for online shoppers. While most returns are linked to improper fit or sizing, seam slippage is a common culprit. Seam slippage can significantly shorten the lifespan of a pair of jeans, threatening a denim brand’s reputation.


The LYCRA Company recently hosted a webinar to break down the root causes of seam slippage, and how LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber can make this denim dilemma a thing of the past.


Visit our website to learn more about LYCRA® Anti-Slip fiber.

LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company

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