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Product Sustainability

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Let's help keep materials in use. To see how many bottles are in your item of clothing, enter the garment weight and percent of recycled COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE® or LYCRA® T400® fiber. 

Results are estimates  based on average sized garments and recycled content for most of The LYCRA Company's products. Actual results may vary.


Garment weight


% Recycled fiber in garment



Bottles per garment for LYCRA® T400® fiber

Bottles per garment for COOLMAX® or THERMOLITE® fiber

Conserving resources

Several of The LYCRA Company’s innovations pave the way for our customers to conserve resources in their processing. These include:

LYCRA EnviroFit fiber

Uses a unique chemistry to reduce fiber content while maintaining performance in personal care products.

LYCRA HyFit® T837 fiber

This fiber used in personal care products offers excellent run performance, which means less energy is used, fewer breaks, less waste, and reduced energy consumption during the production process.

LYCRA® Easy Set technology

Heat set your fabrics at 15-20% lower temperatures than standard elastane and save energy.

Choosing renewable materials

The LYCRA Company is dedicated to using renewable resources where appropriate. In 2014, the company introduced the world’s first bio-derived spandex, with 70% of its content derived from dextrose originating from corn. We are currently assessing demand and production plan for this product. In addition, 18% of LYCRA® T400® EcoMade fiber content is made from plant-based material.

Currently, we are working on a new version of this product in collaboration with Qore®, creator of QIRA® bio-derived BDO. We plan to start commercial production in 2024. Stay tuned for exciting new developments on this product.