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Hang Tags: A Sign of Quality for Consumers


LYCRA® fiber is the powerful ingredient brand inside high-performance garments that provide long-lasting comfort and durability. For over 60 years, the innovative and unique benefits of the  LYCRA® brand in clothes have been what your customers continue to look for.

Consumers love it for its exceptional elasticity, lasting shape, and comfortable fit that it delivers to all types of apparel. Set your collection apart! Order your LYCRA® brand clothing hang tags today.

LYCRA® Brand Worldwide Recognition

  • 89%
    of customers worldwide are aware of the LYCRA® brand
  • 8 out of 10
    consumers recommend clothing made with LYCRA® fiber
  • 71%
    of customers are willing to pay more for garments made with LYCRA® fiber

77% of Consumers Look at Hang Tags on Garments When Shopping

LYCRA® brand hang tags are a shopper-friendly way to describe the performance benefits of your garments, which help drive sell through. 

When consumers see the LYCRA® brand name on your hang tags they can be sure that the fabric has been tested in our labs and approved to show that it contains genuine LYCRA® fiber.

Browse our selection of physical and virtual hang tags for clothing to find the right brand and size for your garment or collection.

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Step-by-Step: Hang Tag Ordering Process


Log on to LYCRA ONE™ Marketplace

Please register to view our hang tag catalog, access the how-to guide, and start your order. Returning users can log-in below.

Find Your Fast Track Code

A Fast Track Code is required and certifies that the fabric is pre-tested to The LYCRA Company performance standards. Don't have one? Simply request it from your fabric supplier.

Gather Required Info

You will need the following additional items: garment type, brand name, manufacturer name, purchased quantity of the fabric, and fabric consumption per each garment piece.

Complete Your Request

Please note all requests must be completed in one session, (approximately 15 minutes), and having all your fabric information readily available makes it easy. Once complete, you will receive an email order confirmation.

Virtual Hang Tags: Boost Click-Through Rates

E-commerce is an increasingly important part of any brand and retail strategy. Virtual hang tags provide the same value-added experience as in-store swing tags to help drive sales. 

How They Work: When an online shopper is reading your product description, the LYCRA® brand name appears as a link. When the shopper hovers over it, a pop-up image appears with information about your garment's differentiating performance features. This story helps reinforce the quality and durability consumers want today. Virtual hang tags help consumers click with confidence and “add to cart” … all without leaving your website!


Marketplace Exclusive: Save Your Hang Tags on Your Private Dashboard

When you join the LYCRA ONE Marketplace, you not only gain access to a global network of certified LYCRA® brand fabric solutions and suppliers, but you also have exclusive tools and services at your fingertips.

Your on-demand dashboard allows you to save and share project needs in one place. This includes all fabric searches, sample requests, garment letters, custom hang tag orders, TMLAs, and more.

And with a free business account, you can share private dashboards with your project teams for easy reference.

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