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Webinar: Finding a Sense of Security in Socks

Publicado em Aug 10, 2021
A woman wears LYCRA® socks that provide lasting comfort, fit and shape and stay up without leaving unsightly red marks
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Watch our webinar linked below, Finding a Sense of Security in our Socks, or read our recap. Experts from The LYCRA Company discuss sock trends, changing consumer needs, and the fiber solutions that will help you sell more socks.

Socks are having a moment. Because let’s face it…shoes are optional when you rarely leave the house.

Comfort, on the other hand, is not.

That’s why socks have moved up in the footwear hierarchy as stay-at-home lifestyles have become the norm. Consumers crave warmth (but not too much!) and all-day coziness, plus long-lasting fit and functionality. They want socks that are easy to put on and take off, stay dry and in place, and continue to look and feel great with every wash.

The LYCRA Company hosted a webinar to showcase technologies that deliver these benefits and more, including LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology and LYCRA® DRY technology, which are key ingredients in premium-quality socks for men, women and kids. These breakthrough offerings add value to the full anatomy of the everyday sock – from the top through the toe – and help drive purchase decisions as well as give brands a marketing and merchandising boost.

LYCRA® DRY technology, which combines LYCRA® fiber and a multichannel polyamide base yarn, was tested with trail and endurance runners who sang its praises. Additionally, two performance polyesters made with recycled content deliver value-added features for all seasons and conditions. COOLMAX® EcoMade technology delivers evaporative cooling, while THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology offers lightweight warmth via thermal insulation.

The webinar also highlighted sock industry trends, buying behaviors and shopper preferences before and during COVID-19. Globally, 24 billion pairs of socks are purchased annually. And while sales have dropped slightly during the pandemic due to sharp declines in retail store traffic, they’re outpacing the total apparel market. Online purchases were up 21% in 2020, largely driven by innovation as brands continue to fuel the category with antimicrobial, odor and temperature control breakthroughs.

Click the button below to watch The LYCRA Company’s webinar, Finding a Sense of Security in our Socks. See how the pandemic has increased sock consumption and learn how you can adapt your offerings to meet changing consumer needs.

LYCRA®, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.

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