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Rosset specializes in warp knitting and circular knitting and its comprehensive range of products caters to the beach, fitness, and lingerie segments. Our company’s history is one of commitment to quality and variety while leveraging our industrial capacity and assets for large-scale production.

Our factories’ highly trained teams operate state-of-the-art machinery, while our laboratories ensure innovation and quality for fabrics bearing the Rosset label. By combining technology with creativity, we deploy market strategies that have earned our positions as leaders in the Americas and one of the world’s top textile makers, being active on the fashion scene for over 80 years.


Tipo de empresa
Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
Tipo de tecido/vestuário
Malharia Circular , Malha Urdida
Outras capacidades
We offer printing services (digital and cilinder)
Grupo de produtos
Our products are suitable for high- and mid-level performance sports and for the athleisure segment. , For beachwear, we have great fabrics for swimming and bathing wear in general or for beach cover ups. , For the lingerie segment, our full range includes basic smooth-feel fabric and lace panties and bras, shape-wear, pyjamas and nightgowns.
Geografia do mercado
South America , North America , Europe , Asia , Africa , Oceania



Aplicações de categorias de vestuário

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    Moda Íntima

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    Moda Praia

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