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The leading fashion companies make speed to market a priority and are getting faster all the time. Want to know how you can keep up? We can help you connect with some of the most innovative fabric mills and garment makers worldwide. Our network of suppliers can help you commercialize your ideas at the right price, and create quality fabrics and garments as quickly as possible.

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    Direct yarn processors and mills
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    Different performance polyester products
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    Products for almost every process and application

Choose sustainable cooling

Sustainability matters to consumers, which is why we have committed to having COOLMAX® brand technologies made from recycled resources by the end of 2021. Visit our technology page to explore the range of EcoMade products made from recycled resources.

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Drive sales with certified performance

Brands and garment makers: When you choose certified COOLMAX® brand cooling performance fabrics, you’re able to order free hang tags or license our logo through LYCRA ONE MARKETPLACE.

Hang tags promote your use of our product, explain its benefits, and leverage the COOLMAX® brand’s high levels of consumer brand awareness to help increase your sales.

Would you like to learn how our turnkey promotional assets and compelling storytelling can also help differentiate your products and drive sales?

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Online fabric sourcing made easy

Introducing LYCRA ONE MARKETPLACE, a new sales enablement tool for customers of The LYCRA Company. This online hub makes it easy for brands and garment makers to source certified COOLMAX® brand performance cooling fabrics anywhere in the world.

Registration is fast and free! Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the button below to create an account on LYCRA ONE MARKETPLACE
  2. After registering, log in and visit: Sourcing > Find a Product
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