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THERMOLITE® EcoMade T‑DOWN technology

An eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to down insulation

Consumer benefits

  • Provides excellent lightweight warmth and softness, even when wet

  • Packs down small, recovers quickly and dries faster than down

  • Experience a responsible alternative to down made with 100% recycled PET bottles

  • Offers excellent wash durability, benefits last the lifetime of the garment

Brand & retailer benefits

  • Offers better performance than down insulation at lower cost
  • Has 500 Fill Power to ensure high thermal performance
  • Order free THERMOLITE® brand hangtags to increase sell-through
  • Build brand loyalty with permanent performance benefits


Mill benefits

  • Made with differentiated recycled fibers for improved CLO values
  • Offer customers a sustainable down alternative at lower cost
  • Achieved GRS certification to ensure product integrity
  • Certify your fabrics to enable customers to order free hangtags


Eligible garment categories

  • Activewear
  • Bedding  
  • Outerwear 
  • Sleeping bags

Boost your brand power

The THERMOLITE® brand is the most recognized warming technology brand among consumers worldwide (Walnut Unlimited, 2019). Harness our high levels of consumer brand awareness and help drive purchase interest by promoting your use of THERMOLITE® technology.

Mills: Have your fabrics tested and certified, which gives your customers the ability to order THERMOLITE® brand hangtags through the LYCRA ONE portal. Remember, the more garments retailers sell, the more fabric you sell, so encourage your customers to use hangtags in stores.

Brands: You can order free THERMOLITE® brand hang tags or swing tags quickly and easily on LYCRA ONE. These tags explain each technology’s added value and performance benefits to drive garment sales. Or if you prefer, you can complete our Trademark Licensing Agreement to print your own co-branded hang tags and POS materials with pre-approved claims.

No other fiber manufacturer provides this level of marketing support to its customers. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing value-added service!

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