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Sustainable fiber and insulation solutions

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    THERMOLITE® products are made from recycled resources
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    EcoMade fiber made with 100% textile waste
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    EcoMade products made with recycled PET bottles

Create sustainable fashion

The THERMOLITE® brand offers several EcoMade products made from recycled resources to reduce waste going into landfills, while delivering lightweight warmth to consumers concerned about the environment.

Sustainable fibers:

Sustainable insulations:

Choose EcoMade solutions

What consumer say about sustainability

Studies have shown that consumer attitudes about sustainability are changing and this is helping to drive a more conscious economy:

  • 81% Expect brands to do the right thing
  • 53% Want to improve their footprint in the area of textile waste
  • 68% Think sustainability is in the top three most important issues impacting our world today
  • 60% Are willing to change shopping habits to reduce environmental impact

If you would like to attract customers interested in sustainable fashion, specify EcoMade products, which deliver the equivalent performance as fibers made from virgin polymers.

Source:   Edelman Trust Barometer 2020; Sustainability Study, June 2019, Mad Chatter; IBM Institute for Business Value

Let Us Help You Meet Your Sustainability Commitments

From fibers made with recycled and renewable materials to quality fibers that create durable garments, we are an industry leader in developing sustainable fashion solutions.