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Enjoy value-added marketing services


Once you’ve made the smart choice to include THERMOLITE® technology in your collections, why not promote your use of one of the most recognized warming technology brands in the world?

We offer a variety of value-added marketing services—from free hangtags and turnkey assets to co-marketing programs that are designed to drive sell-through of your products.

Need help finding the right fiber or insulation to improve garment functionality, or structuring your offering to increase sales? Our experts can help you with that too. Visit advantages to learn about our brand strength and even more reasons to pick THERMOLITE® technology.

  • 19 million
    hangtags shipped annually (five-year average)
  • 473
    fabrics tested (five-year average)

Fabric testing and certification

Promote your use of THERMOLITE® technology to help drive purchase interest. Testing and certifying your fabrics is free, and it makes it possible for brands and retailers to order free hangtags online to help increase sales of their finished garments.

Certify fabrics

    1. Submit fabric for testing

    Send samples to one of our four regional labs for free testing and certification


    2. Lab tests fabric

    Scientists confirm the textile includes THERMOLITE® technology


    3. Lab issues fast track code

    This code makes it quick and easy to order hang tags online


    4. Order hang tags

    Promote the use of THERMOLITE® technology and explain its benefits to increase purchase interest

Certify fabrics
The hangtag for our latest sustainable warming product:  THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology made with 100% textile waste.

The hangtag for our latest sustainable warming product: THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology made with 100% textile waste.

Benefits of our hang tags

Whether you’re a garment maker, brand or retailer, free THERMOLITE® brand hang tags offer many benefits:

  • Boost your branding power to help drive sales
  • Provide pre-approved claims in several languages
  • Increase purchase interest by explaining product benefits
  • Informed consumers are more likely to buy
  • Perceived added value may support premium pricing
Order hang tags

Hang tags

Increase e-commerce conversion rates

What’s an effective way to convert an online browser into a buyer? Install free THERMOLITE® brand virtual swing tags on your e-commerce website. Consumers can learn more about the benefits of our technologies with a single click.

Why do consumers like virtual hang tags?

They provide an interactive experience while being informed about the benefits our product adds to your garment.

What are the benefits?

Virtual swing tags enable consumers to make an informed purchase without leaving your website to find more information. This can lead to higher “add to basket” rates and reduce abandoned carts.

How does it work?

Our virtual swing tags are a syndicated content feed that highlights selected text so it looks like a hyperlink. When the cursor hovers over the text, a THERMOLITE® brand hangtag appears. When you click on it a pop-up provides product information.

How do you order virtual swing tags?

It’s an easy three-step process on LYCRA ONE™ MARKETPLACE and a two-minute installation on your e-commerce site.

License the THERMOLITE® brand

Accelerate the purchase decision by licensing THERMOLITE® brand trademarks. If you’re interested in promoting your use of our brand name on fabric swatches, customized swing tags, labels, packaging, POP or POS, you must complete a Trademark Licensing Agreement (TMLA).

All THERMOLITE® brand trademarks are protected by law and can only be licensed directly from The LYCRA Company. In most cases, the TMLA is non-exclusive and non-royalty bearing. Fabrics must be tested and certified that they contain LYCRA® fiber before you submit the TMLA.

Request a license


Amplify your reach

Brands:  How can you amplify your brand story and increase consumer desirability for your garments powered by THERMOLITE® technology?

Participate in our customized co-marketing programs that feature compelling storytelling designed to drive traffic to your e-commerce site for immediate purchase.

You can also collaborate with us to create your own in-store or online promotion, media event or campaign, or you can create your own program utilizing our high-quality, turnkey promotional assets. Start your journey today by learning how to source fabrics with our products.

Source fabrics


Get more with THERMOLITE® brand

Some of our value-added marketing services available for mills:

  • Certify your warming fabrics so customers can order free THERMOLITE® brand hangtags and boost downstream sales
  • Leverage high brand awareness and increase sales by adding THERMOLITE® brand logos to your swatches and more
  • Gain access to our exclusive market research, consumer insights and apparel trends to ensure your offerings are relevant
  • Team up with us to promote you fabrics global trade shows
  • Join LYCRA ONE MARKETPLACE to showcase your unique capabilities and sell your fabrics to a global audience
Explore advantages


Boost your branding power

Brands and retailers: take advantage of our unmatched marketing tools to help increase sales of your products:

  • Increase desirability and consumer purchase intent by leveraging high THERMOLITE® brand awareness
  • Complete a TMLA to license the THERMOLITE® brand name and logos, or order free hang tags
  • Promote THERMOLITE® technology benefits by downloading free turnkey promotional videos, POS and POP solutions
  • Participate in compelling co-marketing opportunities with personalized storytelling that resonates with your consumer
  • Download free animated banner ads to enhance your e-commerce site
  • Promote products with branded assets that highlight unmet consumer needs 

Brands & retailers