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Join the LYCRA ONE™ Marketplace and connect with a global audience of qualified brands, retailers, and garment makers wanting to source their next projects faster and easier online.

Our digital Marketplace allows you to create a virtual showroom to promote your latest fabric collections, access our 24/7 sales support and marketing education center, fast track your LYCRA® brand fiber approvals, receive and convert qualified leads, and so much more!

And the best part, it's free.

  • 89%
    LYCRA® brand awareness
  • +250K
    annual Marketplace page views
  • +42K
    active Marketplace visitors (and growing)
  • +2K
    certified LYCRA® brand fabrics ready to buy on the Marketplace
  • Partner with a brand consumers recognize.

  • Reach qualified global customers online. 

  • Click with buyers ready to source. 

  • Promote your fabric collections with a worldwide custom showroom.

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Create a Customized Virtual Showroom

Start showcasing your differentiated LYCRA® fabric collections in a few easy steps.

Through your private dashboard you can merchandise products, tell your mill's story, keep track of leads, and access our experts in product technology and marketing to convert leads to sales faster than ever before.

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Promote Quality: Apply for Fabric Testing & Approval

Protect your investment in genuine LYCRA® fibers by submitting your fabrics for testing and approval. This step makes finished garments eligible for free LYCRA® brand hang tags, a sign of quality for consumers.

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