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The Quest for Perfect-Fitting Jeans

Many consumers struggle to find jeans that complement their body shape, resulting in a serious demand for more precise shaping solutions. The ultimate dream is a pair of jeans that fits well, washes well, lasts well and is easy to pull on and take off.

Revolutionary Denim Shaped By You

Achieved through a combination of fiber, fabric and garment processing technology, this groundbreaking innovation delivers a customizable fit and shaping solution to denim like never before.​

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How LYCRA FitSense® Denim Technology Works

Targeted Shaping: A New Solution for a Better Fit

Invisible compression in targeted zones, with no sacrifice of the authentic look and feel of denim. Give every body and every wearer support where they want it: the tummy, thighs, bums, legs and waist.

A Consumer-Driven Innovation for Denim Lovers

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    Discreet & invisible

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    Targeted support

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    For all body types and shapes

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    Customizable fit solution

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