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Castore X McLaren F1 Teamwear Collection Adds a Hybrid Gilet With THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN Technology

yayınlandı Apr 30, 2024
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Castore, a British manufacturer of premium sportswear and athletic clothing, has teamed up once again with The LYCRA Company on a unisex hybrid vest featuring THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN technology for their new McLaren F1 teamwear collection.  

The Castore’s website product description effectively highlights why this new jacket is essential for fans to stay comfortable while spectating their favorite sport and cheering on the drivers from the stands:

“From the latest McLaren collection, our Unisex Official McLaren F1 Team Hybrid Gilet is built with softshell fabric and THERMOLITE® sustainable padding to stay warm when you’re  trackside. This Hybrid Gilet is engineered with waterproof zips and pockets to keep your body and belongings dry. Stay seen on and off the track in low light visibility with reflective modifications throughout.”

a model wears the new Castore and McLaren F1 Teamwear hybrid vest
a model wears the new Castore and McLaren F1 Teamwear hybrid vest

THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN Technology: Sustainable Down Alternative Insulation

From front and center trackside bleachers or in the grandstand, the center of this collection is the McLaren branded vest, made with THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN technology.

Unlike traditional down, this technology is sourced from 100% recycled PET bottles, aligning with The LYCRA Company’s commitment to sustainability. THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN technology boasts 500-fill power synthetic insulation, offering superior loft, enhanced moisture resistance, warmth retention even when wet, and rapid drying capabilities.

This advanced technology ensures breathability, portability, and swift recovery power, making it the ultimate choice for Formula 1 enthusiasts enjoying a day at the track.

Ready To Upgrade Your Performance Wear?

Explore the cutting-edge THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN Technology. Reimagine outdoor performance apparel that keeps the wearer warm and dry so they can enjoy their cold-weather activities longer. Connect with a THERMOLITE® brand specialist today to learn more about how this game-changing technology can be an asset to your next collection.

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Check Out the Official Mclaren F1 Team Hybrid Gilet

Browse the official McLaren F1 Team hybrid vest made with THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN Technology on the Castore website and see how partnering with The LYCRA Company might look like for your brand.

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