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A Plus Chan Chia was founded in 1999.  Through construction designs, we make spandex free fabrics as with light stretch fabrics. Knit fabric is woven like or vice versa.  Non-peach fabric is with peached hand feel to save cost and energy.  We also can put more than 55% spandex in fabric, to make it compressive, but not painful and restrictive to your movement. 

We do not follow up main-stream trad. Insisting and focusing on variety developments, there is no limit in what kinds of category, we do woven, warp knit, circular knit, brush, peach, pile fabric.  “Variety” and “Specialized” are the core values of our company, to take strategy of diversification to satisfy buyers' or consumer's diverse requirements.  


Şirket türü
Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
Kumaş/Giysi türü
Yuvarlak örgüler , polar , Baskı teknolojisi
Diğer yetenekler
Ürün grubu
Leggings , T-shirt , Polo , Suit , Pants , Hoody
Pazar coğrafyası
Asia Pacific , North America

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