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Everlast upgrades to LYCRA® SPORT technology for new performance gear

发表于 2019/11/12

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Everlast, the undisputed leading brand in the world for fighting and fitness equipment, has launched a new line of compression training gear for men and women. The gear has been upgraded to include the best-in-class performance of LYCRA® SPORT technology "Because comfort and performance matter".

The best deserves the best

The Everlast Flex Compression Top and Leggings are made with LYCRA® BLACK technology to retain its colour intensity and virtually eliminate elastane grin-through. Both pieces have achieved LYCRA® SPORT technology certification, which proves they are engineered to deliver the comfort, fit and support consumers want in their stretch activewear. The top and leggings optimize performance by offering a second skin fit and targeted compression.

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Everlast 弹力紧身女士上衣采用 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡®运动)技术升级。

Women’s version available now

Following the successful introduction of the men’s gear this fall, Everlast will be launching its Flex Compression Leggings for women in early December. The new gear features the same LYCRA® fiber technologies as the men’s version and offer the same permanent performance benefits.

Everlast Flex Compression leggings upgraded with LYCRA® SPORT technology
Everlast 弹力紧身打底裤采用 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡®运动)技术升级
Everlast Flex Compression leggings upgraded with LYCRA® SPORT technology
Everlast 弹力紧身打底裤采用 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡®运动)技术升级

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