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YAMAMAY teams up with LYCRA® brand for #BASICALLYSEXY co-branded campaign

发表于 2020/05/20

Create comfortable shapewear

See the benefits of LYCRA® SHAPING technology.

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Co-marketing in action

Eurojersey and The LYCRA Company team up to promote activewear.

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#BASICALLYSEXY: YAMAMAY teams up with LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber and Sensitive® Sculpt fabric only made by EUROJERSEY to rewrite the rules on shapewear.
YAMAMAY塑身内衣采用Sensitive® Sculpt面料,以及LYCRA®(莱卡®)SHAPING技术,提供舒适的塑形体验。

YAMAMAY 塑身内衣采用 Sensitive® Sculpt 面料,以及 LYCRA®(莱卡®)SHAPING 技术,提供舒适的塑形体验。

A new generation in shapewear

As part of its SCULPT range, YAMAMAY’s new cover-up romper is a stunning design that gently, yet effectively, sculpts the body thanks to its premium Sensitive® Sculpt fabric patented by EUROJERSEY, powered by the cutting-edge shaping technology of LYCRA® BEAUTY brand.

Fronted by cover model, Bianca Balti, the beautifully shaped garment was launched earlier this year with a co-branded print and social media campaign: #BASICALLYSEXY. The campaign, which appeared across social media channels and in key titles such as Grazia, IO Donna and Corriere Della Serra, depicts Bianca Balti in the YAMAMAY cover-up romper, in a sexy, confident and relaxed pose. This in turn highlights the garment’s emphasis on comfort and functionality.

LYCRA® BEAUTY brand has pathed the way for a new generation of shapewear. Thanks to its innovative technology, comfort is no longer compromised in lieu of shaping performance and design. As a leader in the wrap-knit sector, EUROJERSEY works with the LYCRA® brand to develop their high-performing, premium Sensitive® Fabrics range, and specifically Sensitive® Sculpt fabric by EUROJERSEY, used in the new YAMAMAY garment. Sensitive® Fabrics move in perfect harmony with the body, ensuring lasting comfort and shape.

The new Sculpt Cover-Up Romper is available online from YAMAMAY in black and sizes S, M, L and XL.

LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® BEAUTY are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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