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The LYCRA Company launches new trademark protection campaign

发表于 2019/11/22

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The LYCRA Company launches an advertising campaign alerting the legwear industry in Europe to its Zero Tolerance approach to LYCRA® brand infringement.

The Zero Tolerance Campaign

The LYCRA Company has launched a new 360-degree trademark protection advertising campaign that sends a strong message about LYCRA® brand infringement to the legwear industry. The ad explains how The LYCRA Company fiercely protects the integrity of its flagship brand and warns against creating counterfeit hosiery garments that can damage the consumer’s perception of the LYCRA® brand.

Intellectual Property Protection

The LYCRA Company exercises regular, random checks on hosiery carrying the LYCRA® brand trademark. Using our logo on garments made with competing spandex is prohibited by The LYCRA Company and such products may be seized and destroyed. This level of enforcement is necessary to create value for our customers and their consumers and to protect our trademark rights; it also builds trust. Knitters, brands and retailers know that when they use LYCRA® fiber, The LYCRA Company supports them and their investment in our brands.

Campaign Activation

“Zero Tolerance” ads are running in trade journals (online and in print) and on billboards and buses in knitting regions beginning in November. Ads will run in the UK, Italy, Turkey and Poland, and may expand into additional regions in 2020.

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