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Be the first to discover Piavemaitex’s LYCRA® SPORT certified fabrics for activewear

Published on 2018/07/06

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A tradition of relentless creation of highly qualitative and innovative elastic fabrics is what enabled Italian-based knitter PIAVEMAITEX to become a solid partner for stylists and fashion designers. Passion and innovation are what drive PIAVEMAITEX’s research team, from developping sheer and almost evanescent materials to heavy-gauge technical performance fabrics for the most demanding activewear activities

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An essential requirement in today’s global competition, is the ability to respond to market requirements in an inventive way.

That’s why PIAVEMAITEX tested their fabric collections against the LYCRA® SPORT technology standard.

Results? A range of unique fabrics from the Jet Collection ranging from light to high weight, exhibiting softness, breathability and quick drying. With clean cut and molding properties, PAIVEMAITEX LYCRA® SPORT fabrics are ideally suited for low to medium impact, indoor/outdoor sport activities.

Recently certified is also an innovative heavy gauge fabric (article reference: K595) made of two different decitex LYCRA® yarns (24%) and polyester (76%) which exhibits high comfort in wear, pilling resistance, UV protection, breathability and is clean cut enabled.

PIAVEMAITEX innovative fabrics can help move your activewear business. Discover on LYCRA ONE™ their fabric gallery.

LYCRA® and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.

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