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Bangladesh Denim Expo Recap

Published on 2022/06/14

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Search our spandex fiber options
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See what you missed at the Bangladesh Denim Expo, held in Dhaka, May 10-11, 2022.

The Bangladesh Denim Exhibition returned to Dhaka last month after a two-year hiatus and attracted the most visitors in the show’s twelve-year history! The LYCRA Company showcased the latest denim development of its Bangladesh customers featuring the company’s fiber and fabric technologies. The innovations highlighted at the show included our branded spandex (elastane) and polyester cooling and warming technologies that transform denim by adding next-level comfort and performance: 


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Want to see what you missed at the expo? Textile Today takes you inside The LYCRA Company’s booth and interviews Maggi Fabrizio, South Asia & EMEA Commercial Director. Watch his interview to learn more about our innovative fiber and technology solutions for denim.

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