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The LYCRA Company launches its legwear trend forecast for autumn/winter 2022-2023

Each Look Features Innovations Offering the Latest Fit and Performance Benefits

Published on Jan 11, 2022  -  Wilmington, Del.
Looks from the LYCRA® brand’s trend forecast powered by the latest innovations to deliver lasting comfort and performance.
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The LYCRA Company, a global leader in developing innovative fibre and technology solutions for the apparel industry, launches its highly anticipated legwear trends forecast for AW22/23. With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, this season the legwear sector shifts its focus to self-empowerment and innovation, bringing enlightenment and liberation to the new collections.

Each year, through an alliance with the trend forecasting experts from Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, The LYCRA Company remains at the forefront of legwear by presenting a forward-thinking prediction of the cutting-edge trends through a capsule collection that showcases the latest legwear innovations.

“For over 20 years we have been inspiring our customers with our legwear trends forecast; it’s a value-added benefit of working with The LYCRA Company that our customers appreciate,” said Jane Gwyther, senior strategic manager – legwear, The LYCRA Company. “This year’s forecast tells a story about the future. Our series of creative legwear is intended to inspire and dress up a generation that is interested in problem-solving innovations. Each look features technologies we have developed to satisfy unmet consumer needs in legwear comfort and performance.”

The LYCRA Company and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam together have identified four key themes that address the hopes and dreams of the modern consumer.



Graphic accents add playfulness and energy

Self-care and health are increasingly important. It has become interconnected with every aspect of our lives, brought to life in the relationship between fashion and fitness.

This sustainable hosiery offers high fashion, year-round comfort and is made with recycled resources to reduce waste.
These sustainable knee-high socks offer cool & dry comfort and the fibers are made from 100% textile waste from cutting rooms

Look 1 (left): Wellness is the new status symbol

Athleisure has moved far beyond the basic black legging, as design meets functionality. Social media is buzzing with an increasing number of people showcasing their healthy lifestyles and posting photos of themselves wearing stylish athleisure apparel across a range of activities and occasions.

COOLMAX® EcoMade ALL SEASON technology helps expand the comfort zone of the wearer, no matter what they demand of their apparel. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled resources, it ticks the social responsibility box for this growing tribe who incorporate wellness into everything they do.

Look 2 (right): Blurring lines and cross-sector convergence

As the lines between work, home and pleasure blur, so do the lines between activewear and daywear. Trickling through from streetwear to luxury, the influence of athleisure has profoundly changed the way we dress. On-the-go lifestyles, work-from-home and a growing awareness of health and fitness has driven a desire for apparel that can “do it all.”

New COOLMAX® EcoMade technology made from 100% textile waste offers moisture management and dries quickly, while LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ fiber adds compression to help optimize performance.

Look 3 (not pictured): Technology Reshaping Fashion

Technology is reshaping the state of the fashion industry – automating, personalizing and speeding up the fashion space. High-tech performance technologies bring functionality and style to garments.

THERMOLITE® FAR INFRARED technology makes it possible to develop lightweight, warmth generating garments. Deeper saturated colors are achieved using LYCRA® LIVING LIGHTS technology. LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ fiber helps revitalize tired legs,  while LYCRA® FUSION™ technology makes tights that are durable and run/ladder-resistant.



Amplifying creativity and expressing views through fashion

Expressive garments, made for motion, are injected with humor., bravely disregarding classic fashion rules. They are crafted to appeal to those who dare to wear playful designs and express themselves through fashion.

This hosiery offers women of all body types a comfy, custom-like fit and waistbands that don’t dig in or roll over.
This hosiery offers women of all body types a comfy, custom-like fit and waistbands that don’t dig in or roll over.

Look 1 (left and right): Composed and Curated Rebellion

A wild mix of patterns, prints and dyes come together to deliver a perfect symphony of style, promoting diversity, inclusivity and creative expression. Personalization makes fashion “for me” and empowers by offering choice.

LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber personalizes fit. It provides shaping and compression as needed and makes garments easier to put on and take off—perfect for modern, busy lifestyles. LYCRA® 3D technology offers a smooth, uniform appearance and freedom of movement, while LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology brings added comfort and shape retention to waistbands, with no digging in and rolling over.

Look 2 (not pictured): Lasting Style with Heritage Motives

Heritage motives are always in fashion and offer a comforting familiarity, while being perfectly adaptable to each generation’s style. LYCRA® DRY technology absorbs moisture fast to help keep feet dry. LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology fits smoothly  regardless of ankle circumference, and stays in place but with less digging in and marking on the skin.

Look 3 (not pictured): Uplifting Expressionism

Vibrant colors and bold patterns, clashing shapes and styles. Proud, self-expression brings positive vibes to fashion. LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber brings shaping and compression for different body shapes where needed. It perfectly combines stay-in-place fit with exquisite comfort. Seamless garment suits different body shapes and sizes. True comfort in motion.



Less and luxe, rejuvenating professionalism and chic

Designers and buyers report a new wave of glamour and chic as people begin to dress up again. However, excess is out. This look is about restrained finesse. This is a comfortable interpretation, making the everyday extraordinary.

This hosiery made with LYCRA® SHAPING technology offers women of different body types lasting comfort with gentle support.
These luxurious marble knee-high socks generate gentle warmth while delivering energizing compression to revitalize tired legs

Look 1 (left): Romantic Glamour

Gender neutral and unashamedly nostalgic, this look takes inspiration from the glamour era of the silver screen. Deco-esque geometric shapes, presented in a subtle and very personal way. LYCRA® SHAPING technology enhances the silhouette, offering comfort with smooth, yet firm, support across a wide range of body types.

Look 2 (not pictured): Return of the Pinstripe

A contemporary take on the classic pinstripe appears in stylish outfits everywhere. COOLMAX® freshFX™ fabric technology provides long-lasting freshness while LYCRA® BLACK technology achieves true black, without glitter or grin-through. LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology provides an everyday stay-up concept for all thigh sizes with a second-skin effect and no digging in. LYCRA® FUSION™ technology enhances durability with ladder/run resistance.

Look 3 (right): Luxurious Marble

Revered by ancient cultures for its beauty and strength, marble has represented luxury and glamour throughout the history of civilization. In AW22/23 we will see marble appearing in everything from fashion to interior design. THERMOLITE® FAR INFRARED technology uses the body’s infrared energy to generate gentle warmth, while LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ fiber adds energizing compression.



The flaws and imperfections of natural materials, stone and cracked effects, rugged piles and organic patterning, make an alluring untamed aesthetic. Designers make use of natural forms, patterns and textures to blur the lines between the organic and the synthetic.

These super sheer knee-highs deliver a better than bare look, enhanced durability, and a band that stays in place band.
These no-show socks quickly wick moisture to keep feet cool & dry  and offer enhanced durability to meet consumer needs.

Look 1 (left): Artificial Nature

Designs explore a simulated view of the natural world, straddling the divide between nature and technology. LYCRA® SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology delivers incredibly sheer hosiery with a better than bare appearance and greater durability due to LYCRA® FUSION™ technology. LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology offers the perfect stay-in-place band while minimizing red marks.

Look 2 (right): Growing and Evolving Form

Dynamic patterns that look as if they are still growing and moving. Diffused, dispersed and spread, embracing uncontrollable and dynamic coloring as if captured during a process of evolution. COOLMAX® toughFX technology transports moisture away from feet and offers improved durability. LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology makes garments easy to put on and off and stay in place.

Look 3 (not pictured): Animal Ambition

Guilt-free artificial furs and skins feature alongside animal inspired patterns and cozy textures. Fabrics and materials that look just as snug as they feel and perform even better.

THERMOLITE® ALL SEASON technology for everyday at home socks offers lightweight warmth and keeps feet dry at the same time. LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology provides ultimate all-day comfort and easy donning while staying in place.


About The LYCRA Company

The LYCRA Company innovates and produces fiber and technology solutions for the apparel and personal care industries. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, The LYCRA Company is recognized worldwide for its innovative products, technical expertise, sustainable solutions, and unmatched marketing support. The LYCRA Company owns leading consumer and trade brands:  LYCRA®, LYCRA HyFit®, LYCRA® T400®, COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE®, ELASPAN®, SUPPLEX®, and TACTEL®. The LYCRA Company’s legacy stretches back to 1958 with the invention of the original spandex yarn, LYCRA® fiber. Today, The LYCRA Company focuses on adding value to its customers’ products by developing unique innovations designed to meet the consumer’s need for comfort and lasting performance.

About Stijlinstituut

Stijlinstituut is an Amsterdam-based trends agency focusing on innovation, product design and communication in design, fashion and materials. They act as a source of information for the style related industry, reporting on consumer mindset and environment, technological developments and trend-setting movements.




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