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Why the legwear industry turns to the LYCRA Company for the latest looks and tech trends

Published on 2020/02/14

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For the last two decades, brands and retailers seeking a head start on the season’s leading legwear looks have turned to The LYCRA Company for insights and inspiration.

Explore our legwear trends forecast

Each year, the company releases a global legwear trends forecast and partners with the fashion experts at Stijlinstituut Amsterdam to create an accompanying capsule collection of socks, hosiery and seamless featuring fiber innovations from brands like LYCRA® fiber, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® that deliver the latest in fit, comfort and performance benefits.

“These are in-demand tools that deliver unique value to our customers, who anticipate their release every year. While other companies release color forecasts, we’re the only ones highlighting the latest in color, style and functionality – and presenting a collection of garments that translate emerging ready-to-wear fashion trends into legwear. Designers focused on intimates and sportswear – two adjacent apparel categories – can also draw inspiration from the collection. Many seamless garments – which we refer to as ‘close-to-the-body’ innerwear – are produced using the same machinery, so sourcing overlap is common.”

Sybille Bald

Global Segment Director, Hosiery

The LYCRA Company

Creating the legwear collection

The LYCRA Company and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam kicked off the collaboration in October by exploring catwalk trends from around the world, narrowing down the batch to a dozen or so. Stijlinstituut then sketches out a few garment ideas before finalizing the collection.


莱卡公司 20/21 秋冬袜品趋势预测

Lasting performance is always in style

The Fall/Winter 2020/2021 collection features socks, hosiery and tights, knee-highs and trouser socks, thigh-highs and stay-ups. Several of the looks feature technologies like LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU for ideal comfort and fit and LYCRA® FUSION™ for run-resistance.


This year’s legwear trends focus on both individuality and universality, and embrace diversity of shape, size and gender,” Bald said, noting that the collection is the first to feature male leggings. “Each look in the collection features technologies we have developed to satisfy unmet consumer needs in legwear comfort and performance.

Sustainability attraction

Sustainability is another trend that continues to be top of mind for legwear shoppers, who are seeking renewable and recyclable materials. Bald notes that several of the socks featured in the collection are made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology and fiber made from 97% post-consumer waste.The LYCRA Company is taking the show on the road, literally, giving customers an exclusive first look at the forecast and collection at events across Europe and the globe. “The collection is for inspiration only – it is not commercially available,” Bald said. “But we gladly share a design and production blueprint with our customers to help them replicate the garments on their own.”

Here’s a look at the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 collection:



Creative community

The young, urban creative community takes a curatorial approach towards style—allowing for coincidence and mixology, while celebrating the unpredictable.

  • Look 1: Classic camouflage gets a colorful update and enhanced durability. These socks feature COOLMAX® toughFX technology, which helps keep the wearer cool by transporting moisture away from the body.
  • Look 2: These cheerful rainbow knee-highs feature LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology to comfortably fit plus-size calves. The top band stays in place without digging in or leaving red marks.

Back to black

Black comes alive when combined with luminous and fluorescent bright colors.

Look 1: These leggings feature THERMOLITE® FAR INFRARED technology to generate gentle warmth, while LYCRA® BLACK technology provides durable true black color with no glitter or grin-through.

Look 2: LYCRA® FUSION™ TRUE TO YOU technology prevents ladders/runs, enhances the natural shine of legs, and offers a 3D-fit that keeps its shape.


Opulence personified

Rich, dramatic colors and metallics signal a rebellious and glamorous feminine revolution is on its way.

Look 1: LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology creates stay-ups that stay up and feel like a second skin, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. This looks is enhanced by run-resistant LYCRA® FUSION™ technology.

Look 2: These shimmering, eye-catching socks feature LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology to reduce red marks on the skin and LYCRA® T400® technology for excellent shape retention.



Iconic living

These looks pay homage to the past, but feature today’s most advanced technologies for greater comfort and lasting performance.

Look 1: Fishnets reimagined. These knee-highs feature LYCRA® COMPRESSION technology to revitalize tired legs and LYCRA® fiber for a better fit and lasting shape retention.

Look 2: These argyle-inspired socks are made for the 21st century and feature COOLMAX® EcoMade technology to keep the wearer cool and dry. This fiber is made from 97% post-consumer waste, which extends the life of polyester through recycling and reduces waste.


Differentiate your collections and drive sales

The LYCRA® brand has more than 200 market-relevant fibers designed to meet consumer needs and improve fabric aesthetics and garment performance. Find your solution today!

LYCRA®, T400®, FUSION™, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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