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No matter where your business is on the value chain, LYCRA® fiber customers have access to a range of value-added marketing services designed to drive sell-through of your collections.

Our experts can identify the best spandex (elastane) technologies for your products and advise you on how to structure your offering to support your brand strategy. Want to upgrade your collection to include sustainable fibers, or improve garment functionality to reduce returns? We can help.

The LYCRA® brand’s 87% global awareness*, turnkey promotional assets, and personalized storytelling that resonates with consumers have helped many brands increase desirability and sales. Read on to see how the LYCRA® brand can benefit your business.

  • 800 million
    hang tags and on-pack logos used to identify garments made with LYCRA® brand solutions in 2020

LYCRA® brand strength

The LYCRA® brand is one of the world’s best-known ingredient brands and its value-adding properties are unique in the industry. This is the result of successive decades of print and TV advertising, PR campaigns, and an active digital and social media presence targeting consumers.

Today, nearly 90% of shoppers are familiar with the LYCRA® brand and trust in the comfort, fit and freedom of movement it adds to clothes. Our iconic wave logo is viewed as a symbol of quality assurance by millions of consumers worldwide, and it helps influence the consumer’s decision to buy.

See the advantages

Hang tags boost sales

You’ve made the smart decision to choose LYCRA® fiber for your collections, so why not harness its 87% global consumer brand awareness to trigger the consumer’s purchase decision with free hang tags? Some of the benefits:

  • Boost your brand power to boost sales
  • Offers pre-approved claims in several languages
  • Breaks down purchase barriers by explaining benefits
  • Informed consumers are more likely to buy
  • Added value of fiber may support premium pricing

As spandex manufacturer, we provide high level of support to our customers. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing value-added service.

Order hang tags

Printed hang tags

Increase e-commerce conversion

Convert a browser into a buyer and boost conversion rates with free virtual hangtags for your e-commerce site. With a single click, consumers can learn the benefits of LYCRA® fiber to drive sell-through of your garments.

Why do consumers like virtual hang tags?

They provide an interactive experience while being educated on the benefits LYCRA® fiber adds to your garment.

What are the benefits?

Virtual hang tags enable consumers to make an informed purchase without leaving your website, which can lead to higher “add to basket” rates and reduce abandoned carts.

How does it work?

Our virtual hang tags are a syndicated content feed that highlights selected text so it looks like a hyperlink. When the cursor hovers over the text, a LYCRA® brand hangtag appears. When you click on it a pop-up provides product information.

How do you get virtual hang tags?

Ordering is an easy three-step process on LYCRA ONE™ MARKETPLACE and a two-minute installation on your e-commerce site.

License the LYCRA® brand

Accelerate the purchase decision by licensing LYCRA® brand trademarks. If you’re interested in promoting your use of LYCRA® fiber on fabric swatches, customized swing tags, labels, packaging, POP or POS, you must complete a Trademark Licensing Agreement (TMLA).

All LYCRA® brand trademarks are protected by law and can only be licensed directly from The LYCRA Company. In most cases, the TMLA is non-exclusive and non-royalty bearing. Fabrics must be tested and certified that they contain LYCRA® fiber before you submit the TMLA.

Request a license


Stretch your reach with co-branded marketing

Brands:  Let us help you amplify your brand story while increasing desirability for your garments made with LYCRA® fiber. Our customized co-marketing programs feature compelling personalized storytelling, often using social media influencers, to differentiate and drive sales of your offerings powered by LYCRA® fiber.

Take advantage of our turnkey promotional assets to create your own program, or collaborate with us to create in-store promotions, media events and advertising campaigns designed to support your business goals. Whatever your brand strategy is, The LYCRA Company has the reach and resources to help. Start your journey by ordering fabrics with LYCRA® fiber today.

Source fabrics

Personalized storytelling

Get more with LYCRA® brand

Some of our value-added marketing services available for mills:

  • Boost downstream sales by certifying your stretch fabrics so customers can order free LYCRA® brand hang tags
  • Increase adoption by adding LYCRA® brand logos to your swatches and take advantage of high brand awareness
  • Ensure your offerings are relevant by reviewing exclusive market research, consumer insights and apparel trends  
  • Promote your fabrics at global trade shows with our support
  • Highlight your unique capabilities and sell your fabrics to a global audience with the LYCRA ONE portal


Boost your brand power

Types of marketing support available for brands and retailers:

  • Leverage high LYCRA® brand awareness to increase desirability and consumer purchase intent
  • Order free print and virtual hang tags or complete a TMLA to license the LYCRA® brand name and its logos
  • Download free turnkey promotional videos, POS and POP solutions that promote LYCRA® fiber benefits
  • Access exclusive co-marketing opportunities featuring personalized storytelling that resonates with your consumer
  • Enhance your e-commerce site with free animated banner ads
  • Promote products with free imagery and pre-approved claims based on unmet consumer needs  

Brands & retailers