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At Santista Jeanswear, our history began in October of 1929, with the opening of the Fábrica de Tecidos Tatuapé S.A. plant in São Paulo, Brazil, initially manufacturing flour sacks and various yarn fabric types, later evolving into Santista Têxtil, expanding its production capacity and pioneering innovations in the textile industry.

Santista Têxtil was responsible for launching wool knitting yarns, producing bed linens, cashmere, denim fabrics, and other professional garments, and ultimately organizing into two Business Units: Santista Jeanswear and Workwear.

We are passionate about setting new standards in the denim fabric industry at Santista Jeanswear, ensuring high-quality, sustainable stretch denim while being environmentally conscious for the people and the planet. 

Our mission at Santista Jeanswear is to provide innovative and integrated eco-friendly solutions for the textile chain with passion and a relationship of trust, providing well-being and safety.

We at Santista Jeanswear hold certificates from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and Algodão Brasileiro Responsável (ABR) Responsible Brazilian Cotton.

We at Santista Jeanswear have aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals since 2015, and our commitment to sustainability dates back to the 1970s, encompassing actions such as reducing fossil fuel usage, adopting biomass energy, practicing reforestation, upcycling materials, and emphasizing water conservation, including the Americana Effluent Treatment Station and the Acquasave project.

We have been part of the circular fashion movement at Santista Jeanswear for the past fifty years. Upcycling materials to create eco-friendly denim fabrics is just one of the many ways we have been doing our part. 

Our sustainable woven fabrics for denim jackets, denim jeans, and denim tops are exported mainly to Europe, North America, South America, Central America, and other countries at Santisa Jeanswear. 

So much tradition and talent make Santista Jeanswear the ideal business partner because only a company that has been the industry leader for so long can offer quality, transparency, and trustworthiness to its customers, partners, and suppliers.

We at Santista Jeanswear believe long-term relationships generate more sustainable results for everyone.

We have around three thousand employees spread throughout the headquarters in São Paulo, two productive units in Americana and Tatuí, an office in Buenos Aires, and Tucumán, Argentina.

If you seek environmentally-friendly stretch denim fabrics that deliver exceptional performance and leave a lasting impression on your consumers, explore our Santista Jeanswear mill showroom and contact us today!



Şirket türü
Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
Kumaş/Giysi türü
Dokuma kumaşlar
Diğer yetenekler
Dyeing and Finishing
Ürün grubu
Jeanswear , Textile , Denim fabrics
Pazar coğrafyası
South America , North America , Central America , Europe

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