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靛蓝联盟: Arvind 与 LYCRA®(莱卡®)品牌2020 节日牛仔系列发布会

发表于 2020/03/25


采用 LYCRA®(莱卡®)dualFX® 技术制成的牛仔裤弹性强,不会松垮,而且具有其他特性……



采用 COOLMAX® 技术,创造酷爽干适的牛仔裤,满足消费者的需求。

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Arvind 和 LYCRA®(莱卡®)品牌最近庆祝推出“靛蓝联盟”牛仔裤系列,该系列延续了牛仔的纯正传统,迎合当下潮流,专为印度 2020 节日季创作。

The longstanding partners co-hosted a special textile industry event in Mumbai, which included the debut of Arvind’s activewear-inspired INFIKNITY range and updates to its popular MUTANTS and BLOCKBUSTER lines. Models showcased the garments – which feature LYCRA® fiber and technologies including LYCRA® dualFX®, COOLMAX® EcoMade, LYCRA® BEAUTY and LYCRA® HYBRID – on the runway during a series of fashion shows for the crowd of more than 200 representatives from across

从左到右:Aamir Akhtar,Arvind CEO; Fabrizio Maggi,Commercial Director South Asia;Paolo Briatore莱卡公司亚洲出口营销商务总监。

从左到右:Aamir Akhtar,Arvind CEO; Fabrizio Maggi,南亚商务总监;Paolo Briatore 莱卡公司亚洲出口营销商务总监。

"This collection celebrates the potential of collaboration and technology-led innovation. Our shared passion and love for indigo unites and binds us. We are constantly inspired by the consumer’s free-spirited pursuit of an experiential lifestyle."

Aamir Akhtar

Arvind Denims CEO

Arvind Denims


T台秀精彩呈现 Arvind 与 LYCRA®(莱卡®)品牌合作之 2020 节日牛仔系列

The event also featured technical workshops, keynote presentations and breakout discussions on India’s fast-moving denim market, which has posted double-digit growth in recent years, as jeans continue to make inroads with consumers of all ages as a 24/7 apparel option for work, play and leisure. Increasing demand for new styles and functionality benefits presents significant opportunities for apparel makers.

Arvind, one of the world’s largest denim manufacturers, and The LYCRA Company have collaborated on a number of innovations over the years, helping democratize jeans for a wider Indian population with each season

The number of Arvind denim events sponsored by the LYCRA® brand since 2017

Our partnership didn’t happen by coincidence. Our companies share the same values, commitment to sustainability and relentless pursuit of groundbreaking innovation through outside-the-box thinking and a willingness to experiment.

LYCRA®, dualFX®, COOLMAX® and ECOMADE® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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