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Product sourcing

Access our network of leading mills and garment makers

Our Network

  • 23,000+
    Certified fabrics available
  • 3,000+
  • 600+
    Garment makers

Leverage our global reach

The LYCRA Company has longstanding relationships with many of the most innovative fabric mills and garment makers around the world. Whether you want to source products in your region or globally, we can guide you to suppliers who can meet your needs.

We certified over 10,000 fabrics from 1,900 mills in 50 countries in 2020. The mills that create certified fabrics powered by LYCRA® brand fibers are very knowledgeable about each fiber’s key features and consumer benefits. They also have access to our exclusive market research and consumer insights.

Work with suppliers that can guide you towards products that will help you achieve your business objectives—whatever they may be.

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Offer sustainable fashion

We offer over 30 LYCRA® brand technologies with hundreds of variants to meet virtually every need—including sustainable solutions for a circular economy.

Our EcoMade family of fibers are made with pre- and post-consumer recycled materials and renewable resources. Choose EcoMade certified fabrics for your sustainable garment collections.

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Increase sales with LYCRA® brand

Brands and garment makers: make sure the stretch fabrics you source have been tested and certified to show they meet the LYCRA® brand’s rigorous performance standards.

Only certified fabrics are eligible for logo licensing and free LYCRA® brand printed and virtual hang tags that help drive sales.

How can LYCRA® brand strength and our compelling storytelling help your business? 

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Online sourcing has never been so easy

Sourcing fabrics and suppliers online has never been easier thanks to a new online hub designed to bring the value chain together. Introducing the LYCRA ONE portal, a new sales enablement tool for customers of The LYCRA Company.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click the button below to create an account on LYCRA ONE MARKETPLACE
  2. After registering, log in and visit “Sourcing > Find a Product” in the top menu
Start sourcing

Access exclusive support and unique services

If you source fabrics in Asia, ask us about the world-class mills participating in our LYCRA EXCHANGE network. These mills have access to the latest LYCRA® fiber technologies as well as consumer insights and trends.

They are eager to help bring your designs to life and create garments that will meet consumers’ needs. Because they manufacture to the highest quality standards, brands and retailers can feel comfortable increasing their speed to market.